Client: Sotheby's
Date: 2011-2015
Services: Production, Directing, Editing, Motion GFX

It’s not everyday that you stand in front of such life changing works of art as The Scream or Sleeping Girl, much less touch them.  We did both.

We had so much fun directing these mini-doc style videos for Sotheby’s monumental fine art sales, that we did it again, and again, and again…

Sotheby’s ‘Duck Decoys’

Directed by Lew Baldwin, and featuring Donal O’Brien, Chief Counsel for The Rockefellers, we are introduced to an amazing collection of hand made duck decoys.  With a warm homespun storytelling style we discover Mr. O’Brien’s childhood past as a rugged duck hunter before transitioning into a conservationist in his adult years.  Shot at his home in Connecticut, this cinematic mini-doc is a favorite of both collectors and dealers.

Sotheby’s ‘Sleeping Girl’

Specialist Tobias Meyer and original Ferus gallery owner Irving Blum discuss the early days of the gallery and the massive influence it had on the contemporary art world.  Ferus essentially introduced the world to Pop Art through the works of Lichtenstein and Warhol.  Imagine buying a Warhol soup can for 2k!

Sotheby’s ‘Gunter Sachs’

Previously at Sotheby’s, Specialists (that’s what they are called) were filmed standing in front of a painting and talking – and that was it.  Very flat and 2d.  By injecting a back story through vivid documentary imagery, cinematic editing, and unique camera angles, Sotheby’s video was taken to another level.  So much so that platforms like and Vogue took notice, featuring these videos and substantially increasing the likes and views, the hollers and the hoots.