Lincoln Center

Client: Lincoln Center
Date: 2019-20
Services: Directing, Production, Editing

Two very talented guys from LA thought it would be cool to have a full orchestra play K-Pop songs.  So they came to NYC and did it.

We shot several promos at Lincoln Center featuring session orchestra players jamming on the duo’s interpretation, broken down into sheet music parts, of classic K-Pop songs.  It’s amazing watching musicians pick up the sheet music and get into the groove of playing it – in minutes.  We shot a lot of behind-the-scenes as everyone was getting up to speed.  Below is the HD version of one of the promos.

K-FACTOR PROMO (1:35 version)

What was very cool and groundbreaking for this show was the introduction of orchestral music to very young pop music audiences.  K-Pop is usually synthetic synthesized music built on computers.  The detailed orchestration added a new weight to the compositions.  We made the videos b/w because it looked great, but it also covered up some odd-colored wood in the penthouse where we shot.  The show was a huge success and many attendees were live streaming the show for Korean audiences to enjoy.